Isnin, 12 Disember 2011

someone get hurt coz of me....(T_T")

so sad read all this...why im cry..that not effect??? knp hati aku terlalu lembut..mudah menangis..why im not always chetting to people that im alway show to people that im fine event im so sad...just keep smile in ur my life, family and friend are importance...from child i was teach that my feel does not importance, just keep other poeple to smile and give their happiness event you have to make many sacrifice and have to cry...i hate went people get hurt coz of me...what are u doing???why u let people get hurt coz u...that not true.. ur life is to make people happy and give all happiness to them..why u still let people get hurt coz of u... and know u just does change anything,coz u make other people hurt.. u are not usefull person..
from child u never get what u want but u just full fill what other people want...and just make them happy... why u are in university that nit what u want but just full fill what my parent want..
why im take science class event im like drawing and literature..bcoz teacher ask me to go that class...why im go competition debate..coz my teacher ask...i never do what im want..just full fill what people want and other dream..and my dream just want look people smile and get what ever they want..but im make people useless...why im make people hurt coz of me.. im not importance..just a pieces in this world.

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